Fitness Friday: The Path of More Resistance

So, no one is perfect. Especially me. I go through intense waves of being incredibly dedicated to being active, and then I surf right into a bunch of rocks and fall back into a phase of laziness. After a January full of yoga, I took a few days off, and then jumped right back in to Zumba, treadmills, and dog walking. However, at the end of February, I got lazy again. My allergies have been giving me terrible headaches, I've been sleeping more than necessary (passing out on the couch with puppy at 7pm), and eating pizza right and left. And in turn, I started to feel icky again. 

It's hard to find motivation to exercise when you're a busy person and like spending time with friends and family, and most of that time involves eating and drinking. But sometimes a fun new toy can help get you back in the swing of things. 

I was recently asked if I'd like to try out the TKO 4-Way Resistance Bands. I have to admit I was intrigued because I was reminded of throwback workout videos with women in spandex and big hair! At the moment, I'm pretty weak in some regards. Yoga has only increased my strength in certain areas from repetitive movements, and I'd like to build on my other areas. My upper body is something that I used to be pretty proud of - my shoulders were defined, my back had obvious muscles. I hate doing pushups, and I get bored easily with weights, so the resistance bands sounded like something new and fun!

I looked up a video to get started and found this one from Livestrong, and it helped give me a good idea of what the bands are capable of. I like using them both at the gym and at home because you don't necessarily have to get on the ground, or swap out weights when you switch positions. I like that I can just stuff them in my gym bag and run out the door! I've also been doing the squat and press move at home while watching Netflix, and also doing gently bicep curls, as well as arm lifts with the bands. I think they're a great little tool to add to your workout routine if you're like me and get bored of regular old weights!

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This product was provided to me for a review, but all opinions in this post are my own. I would never feature something on the blog that I don't actually use myself or think that you would not like learning more about.