Tune Tuesday: Parquet Court

"It feels so effortless to be a stranger." Parquet Courts just kinda gets me right now. Their grooving song "Berlin Got Blurry" throws me back to my days of first discovering other groups that bounce between floral shoe gaze and post-punk - think Beck, Rooney, Pavement, Phantom Planet. I particularly love the Western-inspired guitar riff in this jam, which makes me want to drive around with my windows down, bouncing along dusty roads on my way to secluded camping spots. 

They've been around for about 6 years after releasing their debut album, American Specialities, on a limited edition of cassette tapes. If you're curious, I'm pretty positive you pronounce their name "Parkay," like the fake butter! If you need another song to jump around to, try their "You Got Me Wonderin' Now," which answers all your questions about what might be worse than heartache.