Goodbye Orange Hair, Hello Furiosa!

By now, you're probably used to me as having a head full of red-gold-orange hair, all thanks to the expertise of my talented stylist, Stephanie. I generally feel very "at home" with my appearance, but suddenly I get an intense itch to do something new. I've discussed plans for seasonal hair changes with Stephanie, or perhaps even quarterly. Whatever we end up doing, I know I'll love it because she's pretty stellar. I'm hopping into her salon today to get all fixed up and have something new. In fact, it won't be all that crazy, but more of a "break" from the dye and damage. If you at all remember my first Halloween costume from this past fall, you have a hint about the new 'do...

So last Halloween Eve, I dressed as Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road. The hair cut was short lived as I immediately had it dyed the next day so that I could be Annie Lennox for actual Halloween day. I feel like I missed out on having a ridiculously rad look by going orange right away. Plus, I just have the biggest crush on Furiosa, so why not imitate an idol? Today I popped into the salon over my lunch break and chopped all the orange off so I am, for the first time in almost exactly 3 years, completely natural! Even the last time I had brown hair, it was dyed. I'm stoked to be able to see my natural white spot again - do you spy it on my right temple? 

Thanks, Stephanie, for being so awesome and playing with my hair! I can't wait to keep trying new things with you!

Photos courtesy of: Abby Giallardi, Ashely KuenstlerAllan Crain, Courtney Miener, and Domineque Wold.