MDMC16: A Chat With Raashi of Pinterest

2016 marks the fourth year that the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, or MDMC, has been held in our fair city of Saint Louis. The conference features speakers, workshops, and information regarding the marketing world and its innovations. This month, the conference returns on April 21st at Union Station, and I'm super stoked to be able to have the chance to attend! With three keynote presentations and 35 total sessions for marketers to attend, the learning experience will in-depth and full of resource. Find the day's schedule HERE.

One of the speakers during the day is Raashi Bhalla of Pinterest, where her primary duties include; partners organization, creative strategy, helping brands understand how to use Pinterest, and working hands-on with clients. Pinterest is one of those social media sites that so many of us are on, but isn't quite talked about as much as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I know that for a long time, I have used it on a mostly personal level, even though the entire platform is designed to be a social, public sharing process.  I was excited to have the chance to ask Raashi some questions about one of the unsung heroes of keeping us all connected digitally. Follow along with highlights from our interview below! 

SOSM: Does Pinterest have any secrets or tools that go unused by most?
Raashi: "Enrich the everyday moment! Creating a board with a friend or partner for a future trip together." 
. . . Because I haven't used Pinterest as much as is possible, I had never thought of that! I love this idea for future trips, especially NYFW in the fall! Raashi also suggested even using a group board as a way to share brunch spot ideas, and you can remove them from the board as your friends finish visiting each suggested spot!

SOSM: I see that your speaking segment is called "The Art and Science of Using Pinterest." What do you consider the science side of Pinterest to be? 
Raashi: There are certain details that make a pin perform really well. We view engagement as metrics - different than across other social networks. Pinners are not broadcasting their own work, so engagement = repins, close-ups, and click-throughs. Especially with follow-throughs that lead to sales.
. . . That makes so much sense! Especially when pins are advertising sites, brands could really track their ROIs through metrics! 

SOSM: What is something you think sets Pinterest apart from other social media?
Raashi: Using Pinterest feels more personal, but it’s not really meant to be as everyone can find your Pins.

SOSM: Is there anything new in store for Pinterest soon?
Raashi: We've actually recently updated the mobile app so that recent pins are at the top. This allows users to discover new things, save them, and follow through!

I can't wait to learn more from Raashi at the conference next week! 
Please follow her on Pinterest HERE and on Twitter @RaashiBhalla. 

Learn a little more about the conference day by peeping this video: 

Intrigued? The conference is so popular that it has sold out, but a wait list is available! Throw your name in the running to join me and Raashi HERE.

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