Foodie Friday: Avocado Toast w/ Andrea

I recently stopped by my bestie Andrea's home for brunch, and she made some of the most delicious goodies ever for us to eat! We drank almost an entire bottle of champagne, caught up about what's been going on in our lives (a whole lot!), and ate till we were stuffed. After I left, I knew I needed to share at least one recipe from brunch with you! 

Avocado toast has been making the rounds as the "it" item to make these days. It's filling, and perfect for bread lovers like me. Since you use avocado instead of butter, cheese, or jam, it's a bit more healthy for you as well, and you can doctor it up to fit your favored flavors! 

Avocado Toast

~ 2 slices of your favorite bread (Andrea likes Companion
~ 1 avocado
~ Olive oil
~ Fresh lemon
~ Red pepper flakes
~ Salt and pepper

Andrea's recipe is adapted from the popular weblog Smitten Kitchen, which you can find here. Essentially all ya gotta do is toast your chosen bread slices so they're just a bit crispy. While they're toasting, mash your ripe avocado in a bowl, and then spread across your toast. Drizzle with olive oil, squeeze fresh lemon over the avocado, and then sprinkle your salt/pepper/red pepper flakes on top. It's simple, it's delicious, and ridiculously hard to mess up. Unless you burn your toast almost every time like I do (and I don't like it burnt!). 

Andrea also cooked up an incredible veggie hash and topped it with a pan-fried egg as the main course, but lemme tell you - I could eat avocado toast all day long and not complain.

Have you jumped on this toast train yet? What other toppings might you choose?