Video Recap: First Trip to the PNW!


At the end of September, I visited Portland, OR for the very first time, which also marked my first time ever further west than the Grand Canyon. A goal of mine always remains to travel more - and when you have friends that have scattered themselves across the country, destinations become easier to choose. People have told me that I'd really enjoy Portland, and they weren't wrong. 

Outside of visiting the city, my friend Elizabeth (who played the most gracious and warm host!) and I headed to Mount Hood National Forest to camp, hike, and check out Bagby Hot Springs. I also ate my weight in tacos, sushi, pizza, and drowned in local coffee and bagels. I worked remotely, wandered about on my own, and took in all the delightful quirks Portland folks have. For instance, people park on whatever side of the street they feel like, regardless of which direction they were driving. Also, there are a lot of four-way streets with only two stop signs. There's no such thing as the "Saint Louis roll" through intersections in the PNW.

Instead of detailing every moment, stop, and location of the trip in a blog post, I opted to take some video while there. It was a fun challenge trying to fit everything into a short enough recap to not only set properly to music, but also not bore friends with! It also kept me from trying to capture "perfect photos" the entire time.

I hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching! 

Locations Featured: 
Portland International Rose Garden (:13) (4:10)
Mount Hood National Forest (:31) (3:24-3:34)
Bagby Hot Springs Camping Ground (:39-:50),  (2:35-3:23)
Bagby Hot Springs Hiking Trail (:51-1:31) 
Bagby Hot Springs Bath Houses (1:32-2:34)
Robo Taco (3:40)
Spielman Bagels (3:56)
Portland International Airport (4:16)