Mani Monday: Ella + Mila's "On The Runway"

Hey, darlings, I'm back with another Ella + Mila color. I purchased a three-pack during a sale they ran during the winter, so you're correct - I'm guilty of posting a lot of their products! I'm still very much in love with this brand's quality, and I have just one more color in my arsenal to post on here. Saint Louis has seen a number of spring storms lately, and this color was perfect to wear while seeing them roll through. 

In direct daylight, this color reminds me a bit of an old favorite of mine from Essie: "Petal Pushers," which I featured on the blog here. This Ella + Mila hue, "On the Runway," is much more gray, and darker, but I feel like it gives off the same mood. A little edgy, but not too harsh. A perfect match for my personality, perhaps? Gentle enough to hang out with air plants, but prickly enough to also own a bunch of cacti. This little air plant cutie comes from local shop Flowers & Weeds, of which I am on my way to becoming a frequent patron. I want a little jungle in my home.

As always, this polish brand's quality is A+. I did a full three coats of application to make sure that I didn't have any sheer streaks left from my brush. It lasted quite a while too! I think I wore this for nearly a full week before I sustained any noticeable chipping along the edges. In fact, I've been lazy and out of whack enough these past few weeks that I haven't even bothered to remove this polish... and it's still hanging on. 

After my next post of my last remaining Ella + Mila color, I hope to find a new brand to show you. Stay tuned! 

Products Used: 
Gray Polish: Ella + Mila's "On the Runway"
Base & Top Coat: Seche Vite (top coat c/o of Face & Body Shoppe)