Music Video Monday: The Weeknd, "Secrets"

Having just been added to Forbes' list of highest paid celebrities, it's not a surprise to see The Weeknd drop another stunning video. If you've got the money, you best be poppin' out pretty pictures. I almost wanted all of the videos from Starboy to reflect the treatment that "Party Monster" received, but I'm glad in the end that they didn't. I understand that all that wild '80s nostalgia is a bit overwhelming. However, if you're a fan of music from the '80s, you probably will jive with "Secrets" - it rips lyrics from the Romantics' Eighties hit "Talking in Your Sleep" and also features samples from Tears for Fears' "Pale Shelter."

Although the video for "Secrets" isn't anything brand new concept-wise, it's shot well, and I am in love with the scenery (apparently part of it was shot at the University of Toronto). I'm a sucker for anything that's reminiscent of the morphing castle scene in the movie Labyrinth, or might nod its head to A-ha's mind-bending "Take On Me" visuals

If I can't get the '80s treatment on "Secrets" too, I can at least appreciate the fact that the album's cross/crucifix motif appears in this video as well. 

If you like The Weeknd and his work, you can also find another new song/music video he's been featured in from Lana Del Rey: she and Abel get a little illegal by climbing around on the Hollywood sign for her song "Lust For Life."

Update 9/10/19:
The Weeknd released a song in 2019 that is clearly biphobic and completely insensitive. Not much of a fan of him anymore.