Quick Recap of STLFW's Kickoff Event: FABRIC

This past Thursday was the official kickoff event for STLFW! The event was called FABRIC, and was held at St. Louis Public Radio down in the Grand Center area, as part of the Kitchen Sink Series. FABRIC featured a complimentary open bar and a full spread of delicious finger food. I had just eaten at my beloved Mission Taco Joint, so I only sampled the cream cheese cookies and a glass of Prosecco. I arrived right before 6:30, which was when the panel discussion began. 

Image: Courtesy of Marisa of Vogue Rhythm

A quick video was played that highlights the mission of Cotton of the Carolinas. CotC is a group of farmers and manufacturers that have banded together to bring a more intense focus on the idea of "dirt to shirt," which is translated to "know where your product is coming from." This is also the focus of STLFW Spring '14. The panel discussion that followed the short film presentation was “Fashion in St. Louis: The Art of Handmade and Its Future in St. Louis” by panelists Tania Beasley-Jolly (Director of Marketing, Saks Fifth Avenue), Attilio D’Agostino (Fashion Director & Photographer at ALIVE Magazine), Saskya Byron (Craft Allliance’s Fashion Lab), Nina Ganci (Skif International), and Robin Verhage-Abrams (Associate Professor at Washington University St. Louis). The discussion reflected on the work that was presented at the event by designers Q Liu, Skif International, and Michael Drummond, and their focus on handcrafting their designs. Another topic covered was fashion in Saint Louis, and how it varies from other cities. Saskya Byron originally hails from the Netherlands, and she said that there, people kind of just do as they please and "have more joy" in their fashion choices. In Saint Louis, it's a bit different. Sometimes when I wear a more wild outfit, I get eyeballed strangely because the general population is not quite used to seeing unruly fashion. 

After the discussion, people mixed and mingled. I had a great time getting to better know the little circle of blogger friends that I've made. Many of the ladies that I met at Lindsay Pattan's blogger workshop a few weekends ago were in attendance. We browsed extensively through Michael Drummond's pieces for sale, and I certainly wished that I had a little extra cash! Some of his pieces were so much fun, including one that was an iridescent teal color with shimmer. 

In addition to perusing the pieces up for sale, we took a whole bunch of fun photos with each other, including this goofy selfie in which I look mildly confused:

Courtesy of Vogue Rhythm

We also took this photo of a photo of an outfit photo being taken, which really makes me giggle. 

You might have read my previous post where I detailed my outfit inspiration. Did I live up to it? I think I did a pretty good job! Yes, Jeremy Scott's current work isn't necessarily neon-heavy, but he's bright, he's bold, and he's unapologetic. I don't pigeon-hole myself into a style category, I just wear what I like, and apparently, bright stuff is catching my eye at the moment!

In the above photograph, that's Miss Marisa in the super cool leather pants (whose photos I've been stealing for this post!) and Felicia, who runs an Instagram account that details "looks for less" and outfits that are often pretty wonderfully thrifty. I especially liked her red pumps against the red detail in her skirt!

I'm super excited to see how STLFW will go this month! Well, next month. Or wait, by the time I post this, it will be April 1st. So this month, ha! I'm really looking forward to the very first VIP Blogger Lounge on April 10th. This will be my chance to really delve into deeper relationships with my fellow bloggers and also maybe make a couple brand connections as well! I need to get cracking on my media kit to hand out that day. 
Thanks for reading! Look for a post soon about an event I attended for work. It will contain some exciting new personal news for me as well!

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Avalon Exchange (free due to trade) 
Pants/Jeggings: J.C. Penney on super sale
Handbag: 100 years old, can't remember origin
Earrings: Avalon Exchange (free due to trade)
Necklace and matching bracelet: H&M last summer

Makeup Details:
Lips: Revlon Colorbust Balm Stain in the color Romantic over NYX Matte Lipstick in Indie Flick