STLFW '14 Outfit Inspiration!

I'll admit right away that I have never been the most outspoken when it comes to fashion. I generally know what I like, and run with it. I certainly follow designers, but I'll never claim to have any extensive knowledge. 

That being said, I'm having a great time doing more research now that I've started this blog. Saint Louis has its very own Fashion Week in the Spring and Fall, and I'm ready for jumping in head first, as it seems like I do that a lot these days! 

Someone I've been especially keen on lately is Jeremy Scott. He hails from Kansas City, MO and produces some pretty wild designs. His current collection on his website is called "Too Weird To Live Too Rare To Die." I like the sentiment behind that. I think that we all sometimes feel like that. Individuality can be hard to express without sometimes feeling like you're "weird" or a "rarity." 

I've recently followed Scott on Instagram, where he posts a lot about his popular Moschino pieces, including his graphic tee that says I DON'T SPEAK ITALIAN BUT I DO SPEAK MOSCHINO. During Milan Fashion Week, Scott debuted his Moschino work, featuring McDonald's-inspired work, and nods to Spongebob Squarepants and Fruit Loops. For some runway photos, click HERE.

I'm also a huge sucker for Beth Ditto, and when she showed up in his Instagram post from March 4th, I squealed out loud! She's wonderful and I love her work with The Gossip as well as her solo music. 

As for how Scott's inspiring me - I'm digging the super bright, saturated color schemes. They're loud, they scream "I'm here, look at me!" and they're really fun. My style doesn't stay within a box, and I do what I please, and I'm certainly pleased by his work! Not to mention that I'm doing my best to ward off this lingering chilly weather with as many spring-oriented outfits as possible. 30 degrees? I GOT THIS. Neons everywhere, bright nail polish, you name it. I'm 100% ignoring Mother Nature's serious temperament issues. 

My look for the FABRIC: Spring Saint Louis Fashion Week Kickoff Party & Kitchen Sink Event at St. Louis Public Radio is obviously going to be definitely inspired by Scott's work. I put together my first Polyvore set (I'm so behind the times y'all!) below to help me plan my outfit. Granted, I can't afford Scott's sweater, but I do have a little something in mind that will work perfectly! 

I can't wait for the kickoff party, and I'm super excited to see a bunch of my new blogger babe friends out as well! 

STLFW '14 Inspiration