White-Hot and Coral (Inaugural Work Style Post!

This winter just won't quit, will it? Another pretty wild storm just beat on our poor city and has left us all covered in ice. Remember my first outfit post with the super slick ice sheet? This time it's different - little tiny ice pellets of doom that sort of feel like walking on sand. Oh, dear. 

Part of my mission on this blog is to show off how I rock my work styles as well as my personal styles. They are pretty different, but that doesn't mean that I like one over the other! I work in retail (at maurices in Fenton, come visit me!), and all of our spring clothes are hitting the store. With Mother Nature still singing the wintery blues, I've had a hard time adjusting to the idea of starting to sport capris and sandals at work. When your District Manager sends out an email suggesting we do just that, I panic! I also don't have all the money in the world, so purchasing a whole new wardrobe each time our store drops a new collection is not feasible. 

So, here's how I deal with rocking spring-inspired looks at work without seriously breaking the bank! 

It just so happens that one of my warmest coats is partially white, so I didn't totally mind dealing with a ski jacket as part of my outfit that day. I'd much rather rock a vintage coat, but hey... Not getting frostbite comes first. Luckily, as you can see, the sun came out to play for a bit! I snatched these white denim ankle pants off the clearance rack last year, and I'm able to wear them into work because we have white denim in again. 

The jacket is also a 2013 release, and actually a little big on me, but I love it so! I'm a fan of the prominent plunging lapel. To spice up the patterns, I added in the leopard scarf because, duh, leopard is always invited to my style party. 

The sleeveless, drape-neck top is one of my absolute favorite pieces that maurices has out right now. It's a soft, stretchy cotton top that is incredibly flattering on EVERYONE. If I can get one of my customers to try one on, odds are they'll purchase it. It's versatile because you can dress it up with a blazer for work, or wear it with your skinny jeans and a floaty sweater for drinks with the gals. You'll look chic no matter what. The camisole is a release from last year as well, and is a bright punchy coral-apricot color. I love how it stands out against the white! TO NOTE: This top is actually the color "snow white," which is more of an ivory than a pure, ice white.

When it comes to shoes, I'm gonna be real with you. I own two pairs of "flats." This sparkly silver pair is one of them. These flats and the other flats are both thrifted. I am pretty picky about how my shoes fit, and flats typically don't work out for me. But as boot season is coming to a close, I'm looking for other options to keep my feet happy at work. 

And to keep them happy, I sometimes switch shoes in the middle of a shift! Whereas some people have "casual Fridays," I have "dressier weekends." During the week, I usually keep it pretty casual, but on weekends I bust out the big guns. Weekends are high-traffic times at the store, and let's be honest, the better I look in maurices' clothes, the more my customers will trust my fashion knowledge and suggestions. This means you'll often find me in heels on Fridays or Saturdays, and sometime throughout the day I'll switch to flats or sandals to keep my doggies from a-barking!

The heels you see above are actually some of my favorite shoes right now! These pumps come in a three colors, and I own two of them. Aside from my crippling shoe addiction, I can admit that these are some of the most comfortable heels I've ever owned. They're just the right height, and are shaped perfectly for my high arch. The nude color helps elongate my legs and give me that little pep in my step during busy hours at work. I adore them. Something about the white pants and nude heels make my ankles look tan, and I can assure you that they are not. I'm a pretty pale lady.

Shouts to Carmen over at The Ruby Zipper for inspiring me to rock white! I have a pair of white oxfords that I would have loved to have added to this outfit, but they're not comfortable for long work shifts. You can find her Winter White Out post here.

Outfit Details:
Ski Jacket: Gift, 2010
Striped Blazer: maurices, 2013
Drape Sleeveless top: maurices 2014, found online here, here, and here
Stretchy Seamless Camisole: maurices, 2013, current styles found online here
White Denim: maurices, 2013, similar current styles found online here and here
Silver Flats: thrifted
Nude Heels: "Lauren Pump," maurices 2014, found online here 
TO NOTE: I wear a fairly true size 7.5 in shoes, but I found that the Lauren fit me best at a 7.
Rings: thrifted or purchased various places
Necklace: maurices promotional challenge prize for our store team
Bracelets: maurices and thrifted, mixed
Glasses: Zenni Optical