Rainy Days and Red Boots

Saint Louis is known for being a maven of messy weather. She giveth and she taketh that beautiful spring weather we all crave so badly this time of year. I don't really mind all that much, especially because spring thunderstorms in Saint Louis are absolutely incredible. That rolling thunder, the flashing lightning! 

We've had quite a few rainy days lately in the Lou. I recently met up with my photographer, Miles, to snap some photos in my beloved Tower Grove Park. I love the pavilion that the Tower Grove Farmer's Market is held at. It has some great paint colors, a fun lattice wall, and a great view across an open field in the park. 

Because it was rainy that day, my hair started doing all sorts of wacky things. I've been letting my fringe grow out a bit, and have kept it side-swept. Another reason I don't mind rainy days happens to be that my hair puffs up and exhibits a more substantial wave than usual. Unfortunately, this makes my fringe go all funky. I gave up this day and let it do its thing. 

Recognize that shirt? It's from Shirt Kong, and was a gift at the STLFW VIP Blogger Lounge! You saw it in my recap post over HERE. It's really, super duper, awesomely comfy and I chose to wear it this day because I was running errands before meeting up with Miles. 

Okay, let's be honest, y'all. A lot of bloggers are super serious all the time. Some ladies never smile in their posts. I personally don't understand this, but that's just me. Blogging should be fun, fashion should be fun! This could be just me, I suppose. But I'm a total goofball and I won't apologize for it. I mean that when I say it, because these things happen on a pretty regular basis: 


This sweater is an old favorite of mine. I thrifted it a few years back and it's just the right amount of over-sized and cozy. It makes me think of fireside cuddles with your boo and camping in Autumn. I love it. It was perfect for this cool, breezy day.

Pretending to pout about the weather...
In my post about the Wicked Wallflower Pop-up Shop, I mentioned buying a pair of red boots from another vendor. These are those boots! Aren't they just wonderful?! I made sure to ask that  Miles took a closeup of them.

I LOVE THAT PHOTO! Miles, you rock. Oh my oh my. 

Since I live in the area, and my family always has a membership to the Missouri Botanical Gardens, I was rocking my MOBOT umbrella on this drizzly day. These tights were also worn at the VIP Blogger Lounge. They're one of the few pairs of tights I have these days. I don't take very good care of them, but these came with a hole already in them so I added the rest. 

These shorts are from Forever21. I don't shop there as often as I used to, but I couldn't pass these babies up. They are actually, really, truly high-waisted on me! I mentioned in this post HERE about my little issue with clothes that are supposed to be high-waisted. I'm mostly torso with legs on the shorter side. When I saw these shorts on the website (I'm not seeing them online anymore), and found a review saying that a girl returned them because they stopped at her ribcage (she thought that was too high), I knew they were meant for me! Now that I'm looking at the website, I see that Forever21 now even has a little category in their shorts section just for high-waisted shorts. None of them are as extreme as these, though. 

Thanks for reading! I have so many other little posts planned, but being busy is just what happens. I won't promise anything quite yet in particular as my biggest pet peeve is when people promise things and don't deliver. I have a few posts ready to be written... let's just see when I can set aside the time! 

Photography: Miles Gaudet

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Courtesy of Shirt Kong
Sweater: Thrifted
Glasses: Purchased last year from Zenni Optical
Earrings: Leopard Boutique, last summer
Rings: Mine, maurices, etsy, etc
Shorts: Forever21, no longer available online
Tights: KMart, currently available
Boots: The Wicked Wallflower Pop-up Shop