Family Sunday Funday At MOBOT's Chinese Culture Days

If you live in Saint Louis, it's likely you have been to the Missouri Botanical Garden at least once. With all of its festivals and events drawing in large crowds throughout the year, and its sprawling, gorgeous, and vast gardens, it has become a mainstay in St. Louis attractions. I always enjoy visiting the Koi fish in the Japanese Garden, as well as Teahouse Island (I'd love to make it to a tea ceremony one day!), and making my way through the Children's Garden even though I am now supposedly an adult. 

A few Sundays ago, my family visited the Garden for their annual Chinese Culture Days. The weather was absolutely perfect, with warm sun and just enough of a breeze to keep you from overheating. We were especially interested in visiting the Iris garden on the Eastern side of the Garden. These beautiful flowers come in many varieties, and we saw a lot of Bearded Irises. I liked looking at all of their names because some were meaningful and some were also quite silly. Look, a Lady Fern! That's me! Well, the original Irish spelling of my last name. 



Since the weather was so nice, I opted to wear a vintage, wild sundress I found last year at a thrift store.    It ties back at the waist, and although I adore it, I feel a bit unsure about wearing it without something over it. If you've seen me out and about on weekends, you know I'm not afraid of wearing some pretty funky outfits. However, since we were going to a family-friendly event, I knew I needed to layer something on top. 


The armpit holes are huge, and cut in very far in the front. I've seen this a lot on 1980s and 1990s jumpsuits and dresses. Commonly, I think they had shirts worn under them, such as this sewing pattern from the 1990s shows: 

On a day date with friends, or maybe a picnic in the park, I will probably wear the dress with a fun bra  or crop top underneath, and perhaps even the one seen in this post HERE, because I don't think my friends would be upset over a little sideboob. I like to play it safe at family events! The little crop top was a super sale item from Urban Outfitters probably five years ago or so by now. The handbag is also thrifted, and the bright yellow color worked perfectly with all of the Irises! My sandals are from maurices, and although I'm not the biggest fan of sandals in the first place, I don't mind these at all. They kind of have that stereotypical "free spirit" vibe, and are actually very comfy - the insole is squishy and forms to your foot. 

We made sure to catch one of the performances by the New Shanghai Circus acrobats, based out of Branson, MO. My friends and family know that I'm a big circus fan. But, by circus, I don't necessarily mean the traditional American ones with lions and elephants and all that jazz. I grew up fascinated by Cirque du Soleil, and am a big supporter of Saint Louis' very own Circus Flora (which does often have animal acts, but usually horses and dogs). I took a few circus classes when I was in high school down at the City Museum with the Saint Louis Arches. I was quite proficient at basic juggling there for a while! In college, I studied trapeze and lyra at Bumbershoot Aerial Arts, which I miss very dearly, but can no longer afford now that I'm not living at home and am paying loans. I wish they did scholarships or something!

There were quite a few great acts, including two girls on really tall unicycles, some body balancing, and a few contortionists/body balancers. However, the young man who did balancing and pole climbing really blew me away. It was a slow, very beautiful act, and really showcased his strength and incredible control. I always love hand-balancing acts. They take such discipline and determination, and really prove what the human body is capable of with serious training. 


Another fun act was hoop jumping. I've seen this a few times before, in varying forms. When I did acrobatics for fun on Saturday mornings as well as dance, I loved doing dive-rolls. I'm not so sure about doing them through hoops that are way above the ground, though! These guys rocked. 

I would really like to start spending more time at MOBOT. I enjoy walking along its western edge each day with my pup and it smells lovely right now! Do you visit the Garden ever? What's your favorite festival or time of year to go? 

Thanks for reading!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Leopard Boutique, last summer
Crop Top: Urban Outfitters, years ago
Handbag: Thrifted
Sandals: maurices, current
Necklace: maurices, no longer available online