Loungin' Around in Comfy Style

I really love lazy days. The kind with the windows open, a breeze floating in. My newly thrifted Nat King Cole vinyl spinning along on my record player...
Loungin' Around

1)  For me, I really love lazing around in leggings. They have the perfect amount of comfort, what with being all stretchy and what not. Plus, I like that most leggings are thin enough that you can wear them during both winter and summer around the house. Might as well jazz up your lounge look with a printed pair!
2)  Let's be real, when a lot of us ladies get home, the bras come off. Let the boobies free! However, I don't necessarily want them jostling around while sweeping or playing with puppy. A cute, lacy bralette takes care of the problem.
3)  Who doesn't love a comfy, oversized top?! Layer a solid color over your printed leggings and make the look seem effortless athlete-chic.
4)  I'm not really the biggest fan of walking around the house barefoot. Just this morning, pup decided to knock over a glass onto the ground. I always wear flip flops or slippers around the house, just in case something like that happens. 
5)  If I'm lounging around, I typically keep my hair up. Lazy days might call for basic chores, and not that my hair is getting longer, I don't want it in the way. Tuck those bangs back and wrap it all up!
6)  Bobby pins to help hold your hair back and headwrap in, no brainer!
7)  Last but not least, lounging around is best done on a cozy couch with your favorite fur baby. I don't have a picture of Cher to share on here, so that cute little stuffie works just as well. 

What do you lounge around in? Do you prefer shorts and a tank top? Or what else?