Saturday Ladydate at Tower Grove Farmer's Market

One of my favorite things to do during summers in the Lou is to visit the Tower Grove Farmer's Market on Saturdays. I live in the Tower Grove area, so it's fantastically easy for me to pop by. I used to be able to make it to the Market every single Saturday, but now that I work retail, it's almost impossible to make it there more than once a month. This makes me pretty sad, but I suppose I gotta make that money.

I don't mind attending the Market alone, but, as with most activities, it's much more fun to have a buddy! I knew I had the opportunity to take some outfit photos this past Saturday, so I invited my friend Lara along to join in. Lara works at Avalon Exchange in the Delmar Loop, so she's always dressed awesomely. We met at the Market and grabbed coffees from the Kuva Coffee booth before Miles showed up to snap some pictures!

It's always nice having friends along for photos, and having a friend as the photographer. The experience takes on a more natural feel, and I think that translates in the images. 

High-fives for a heavily-thrifted outfit! This romper jumped off the rack at me one day while browsing at Avalon Exchange in the Loop. I'm glad I wore it this day because I like that I bought it before I ever became friends with Lara. Small world! It fits like a dream. My earrings, bracelets, necklace, boots, and handbag are all also thrifted. 

Miles' gorgeous girlfriend, Elizabeth, came along for the ride and also came in handy. Accidental photo shoot assistant? Totally cool. What do assistants typically do? Hold all the extras and take selfies. Right? 


Miles also snapped a great close-up of the progress on my tattoo. She's a custom piece by the incredibly, super-duper talented Lauren Busiere. You can find her tattooing at Ragtime Tattoo in Tower Grove. You may also find her work on her Instagram, and she just fired up a Pinterest page with her line work. I strongly advise you to check her out next time you need ink!

Thanks to Miles for the photos and for Lara for being my buddy!

Photography: Miles Gaudet

Outfit Details:
Sheer Duster Jacket: eBay
Pixie Boots: Ages ago, probably Value Village
Sunglasses: Leopard Boutique, Webster Groves
Bracelets: Revive Thrift Shop
Necklace: Value Village, Fenton
Earrings: Savers, Crestwood
Rings: Various - maurices, thrifted, Celtic Ranch, etsy, eBay
Handbag: Value Village, Fenton
Nail polish: ORLY's Gumdrop - read all about it on my post HERE!
Tank: Ziezo (no longer open)
Shorts: Avalon Exchange
Platforms: Avalon Exchange
Headwrap: Handmade
Sunglasses: Pitaya