#31DaysofMovement with ALIVE Magazine!

Good evening, my lovelies! 

Have you heard about the #31DaysofMovement content campaign that ALIVE Magazine St. Louis is running this summer? If not, it's time to jump on it! Click here to learn more and join the movement: 

ALIVE is committed to helping YOU find your motivation to be healthy, get fit, and stay focused this summer. They've fired up their blog, Be Well STL, and I've been following each of their posts! I'm especially interested in the yoga at Ballpark Village, and their post about unconventional locations to practice yoga. I'm a fan of yoga and was doing it for a few months there pretty regularly, but it's just too expensive right now for me. I know, I know - it's an expense that should be worth it, but when you're trying to save ever penny, you have to let go of certain things. 

So, how have I been staying in shape and exercising without going to a studio or gym? Did you peep my post about online workout videos? I think you should! But, to coincide with partnering with ALIVE to help promote #31DaysofMovement, I wanted to update you on my workout video favorites! 

This also brings me to my major point about staying MOTIVATED to exercise. Exercising can be time-consuming, difficult, and tiring. If you're not seeing results, it can also be discouraging. What makes some people who love working out tick? What's their secret?! 

I personally have discovered that what works best for me is to incorporate something that I already enjoy doing into my workout routines. For me, this means dance! I love to dance. I took classes for nearly 13 years of all types of dance, so it's natural for me to want to shake it a little bit to music. What's better than getting to shake it in a way that helps shape and tone my body?

Someone new I've discovered and am loving is Tiffany Rothe and her YouTube channel TiffanyRotheWorkouts. She's fit, she's fabulous, and she is sort of a hardass. Her workouts are tough, and the first time I did one of my now-favorites, I was seriously sore the next day. The one I'm talking about is her 10 Minute Booty Shaking Waist Workout. My obliques were screaming the next day! But I love that the video is done to upbeat pop and hip hop music. 

A lady that I've been following for a while now is Keaira LaShae and her YouTube channel superherofitnesstv. I feel like she's easy to relate to, and really adorable. She also always looks amazing in all of her videos - in the image above and the first link below, she's wearing a decorative armband. Who works out in fabulous jewelry? Ms. LaShae does, that's who. I've been doing her dance workouts, especially the ones that are made to have you dance distances, like her 1 MILE WALK/DANCE and FUN 3 Mile Walk/Dance Workout. Yesterday I noticed her Reggae Dancehall Workout and almost fell over in excitement. If you follow me on twitter at all (@Jill_Firns), you'll have seen me tweet about my addiction to dancehall, reggae, soca, calypso, etc music. It's essential summertime music! This was a chance for me to learn some of the moves I see in my favorite music videos. It's challenging but I really feel like I did some damage. 

So because I love dancehall so much, and enjoyed Keaira's workout video for it, I looked up any other possibilities. I happened across Sabor Dance Company and their Zumba workout video for Beenie Man's "King of the Dancehall," which is one of my favorite songs from the genres. I've done much more difficult choreography in Zumba, so this would be good for starters. That's actually what's great about a lot of Zumba classes - they're repetitive, which allows for those not super comfortable with dancing or new to dancing as an exercise method to catch on quickly. I also have a strong affinity for popular music, even the ridiculous songs, so when I saw that Sabor did choreography to Jason Derulo's "Wiggle," I got pretty excited. This one's a bit more difficult, especially with the on-time turning, and not to mention the lead lady giving some serious attitude. You whip that hair, girl. Just now I saw that they have Zumba to a salsa mix of Michael Jackson's "You Rock My World," and you KNOW that I am totally doing that video in the morning!!! Holy moly that is one of my all-time favorite songs (okay, the remix in the video isn't the best, but give me a break...)! Which lead me to click on this video as well... oh dear... I guess tomorrow is gonna be all MJ dance workouts!

Do any of those look interesting to you? Would you dance for exercise? 
Join the movement and share all your health and fitness tips on your social media and make sure to hashtag #31DaysofMovement to join the conversation! I can't wait to hear from everyone!

Many thanks to ALIVE Magazine for sponsoring this post and allowing me to join the #31DaysofMovement party!