Mani of the Week: ORLY Gumdrop

Now that the holiday weekend is coming to an end, there's not trouble with switching out of my Independence Day manicure, right?

I take advantage of any night to myself to paint my nails. It's a whole ordeal - I plug in to some Netflix, I make dinner, probably have a glass of wine, and paint my nails in the living room. The dog usually tries to get involved in the action, which can be dangerous for wet paint on toes! 

I wanted some fresh and light after the holiday manicure. One of my favorite colors of all time is ORLY's Gumdrop. It's described as a "Mint Pastel Crème." I think that's pretty accurate, however, I feel that it's slightly darker than what I typically consider "mint." It's bordering on a light natural turquoise, such as this:
Do you remember in my last post how I mentioned that a lot of times I use my nail color as an accessory? I have an example of that now! I met up with Miles, my photographer, for some new photos for the blog yesterday morning. I wore a long sheer duster jacket with a super wild color pattern over a chambray romper and some turquoise jewelry. Gumdrop worked perfectly!

Above: A quickie shot from my Instagram account.

Above: Natural light, with direct sunlight spotting. No filter.
Below: Natural light, no direct sunlight. No filter.

I only have a few ORLY polishes at the moment. One is the red Star Spangled which you see in my last post, an amazing fluorescent yellow-green called Glowstick, a fantastic shimmery taupe called Nite Owl, and a dusty periwinkle blue called Snowcone. I like the formula on all of them, especially the coverage. The Glowstick color is a little more difficult with coverage because it's a neon, and if you know polishes well, you know neons can be bratty. My Gumdrop is on the thicker side, so I only do two coats of it. It can be hard to manipulate around the nail bed and cuticle because of this. I need to get a little brush again so that I can clean up the edges, but I think I did a really good job anyway. 

Do you have an ORLY polishes? If so, what colors?

Polish Details:
Base Coat: Seche Vite
Color: ORLY Gumdrop
Top Coat: Seche Vite