Plaid Pants and NYFW Planning


Last night, I met up with a group of fellow bloggers in Saint Louis to discuss our upcoming trip to NYFW. I can't tell you enough how excited I am. Lindsay Pattan of Heartland Underdog led the group, and I have to say thanks to Kristen Linares of Beauty & the Brain for hosting us in your space!

I have only been to NYC once as a young adult, and it was just last summer. I am really looking forward to seeing the city again so soon, and under much different circumstances. We'll be running around town, looking fashionable and having way too much fun. I hope to be able to attend at least a few shows for my first time. Did you know that you have to request formal invitations to be allowed inside most shows at NYFW? 

A few weeks ago, Sarah of The Wicked Wallflower invited me into her home to sift through some of her clothing. She was going to give some items to friends or donate them. I found these fabulous wool pants in her collection and HAD to have them. They fit like a dream and make me feel 100% ridiculous, but in a good way. To keep with the vintage vibe, I chose a fringe top I snatched up at the Pop-up Shop that Sarah hosted in April. I found these mule-like woven shoes at Value Village, and I adore them. The bag and bracelets are also from Value Village, and both my crop top and necklace were finds at Avalon Exchange. We can safely say this entire look is secondhand. I omit the rings I am wearing from this statement because they are worn every day and are almost a part of me versus a part of an outfit. 

Many thanks to Laura of Weird Cult(ure) for snapping photos for me. I can't wait to romp around NYC with you, girl!

Outfit Details:
Plaid Pants: Hand-me-downs from Sarah of The Wicked Wallflower
Fringe Top: Wicked Wallflower Pop-up Shop that Sarah hosted in April
Crop Top and Necklace: Avalon Exchange
Mules, Handbag, and Bracelets: Value Village of Fenton