Current Theme Songs

Music has always been an incredibly important part of my life.

Since I've begun DJing, it's taken a whole new meaning. Listening to music usually means I'm working in some capacity now. But sometimes I find songs that just sound like they represent who I am. 

My current theme songs for myself are, in no particular order:

Janelle Monáe, "Electric Lady"

I like to think of myself as memorable and impactful. One of my most obvious identifying factors is my outgoing personality. I don't mind entering a room and cheerfully making myself known. I, like many, have a secret desire to be captivating. "Electric Lady" is all about ladies who are all about self-knowing: "You got a classic kind of crazy/But you know just who you are." Also, let's not forget the fact that my blog's partial namesake comes up in the song too: "She can fly you straight to the moon or to the ghettos/Wearing tennis shoes or in flats or in stilettos." I've always loved Ms. Monae and am LOVING her new music. 

Wale, "Ambition"

If you can ignore Rick Ross' grunting, you can get some serious motivation out of this song. I've been hustling lately, and hustling really hard. I have ambition, and it's driving me far and strong at this current point in my life. I'm trying to pursue the things that really excite and inspire me. I'm trying to do it without relying on too many already established connections. I'm not going to ask for handouts. I'm coming out of the gates flying and I don't plan on stopping. I'm grateful for my peers, but there are so many examples of just good enough around here. That will not be me. Where is your ambition? What motivates you to be better than you have been before? Why stay the same? Why allow yourself to plateau? "My ambition to win, just to get me some ends/Help me pay my little rent, maybe sit in a Benz." Okay, I'm not after a Benz, but I'm after making a self-established name for myself and perhaps pick up a little extra money along the way. My ambition does not equal free. However, especially with DJing, I do owe a massive shoutout to Tom and the Art Bar team for placing their faith in me and giving me a residency home. But, I do have to say that I did pester Tom a bit to allow me to show up in the first place. AMBITION.

T.I. - No Mediocre ft. Iggy Azalea

Okay, maybe this might be more of the narrator's theme song, but I ain't afraid to say I believe I qualify for the "bad bitch" program. Also, this song is incredibly explicit, but that's not a concern for me. T.I. says that he prefers his ladies "From they head to they toes they so far from mediocre." Y'all, you understand my mani and pedi obsession? These toes always be looking fly. Let's shout out to the fact I wear makeup every. Single. Day. I like to look good. I've been doing those squats. Trying to leave that mediocre booty game behind, even though my booty will never be as bodacious as Iggy's. Iggy makes an appearance and declares, "Heels on me saying gimme 6 inches of space." YES. I love wearing high heels because they make me feel powerful. I love the way I have to walk in them. I love that they make me taller. I love that they give me presence because I feel confident in them. And props to T.I. for using some beautiful, thick, fit ladies in this video. The honeys all at 1:52 are definitely in shape, but are bodies I can relate to. Boom.

Do you have any songs you consider to be your theme songs?
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