Latest Workout Video Favorite - Sexy Dancin' Time for #31DaysofMovement!

All right y'all, if you like dance music, you've probably heard Eric Prydz's "Call on Me."
If you like bizarre music videos, you've probably seen the video for that song as well. It's pretty... NSFW...

Check it out here:

Those ladies look pretty fit, right? You would think they'd have to be with a routine like that.

I just discovered, by way of searching "dance workouts" on YouTube, that the same team from the music video did their own hour-long workout video inspired by "Call on Me." I've watched bits and pieces of it, and it doesn't look easy. There's a high-intensity cardio part that looks like I'll be sweating and huffing and puffing through. Of course, there's some sexy hip swinging as well. I can't wait to give this doozy a shot in the morning. Would you try this at home?

I just want to say one more time: Thanks to ALIVE Magazine for sponsoring me as a part of their #31DaysofMovement community! It has been so much fun seeing what other bloggers and Saint Louis dwellers have been doing to stay active this month! There are a few brands that have been sponsoring #31DaysofMovement, so be sure to show them love: