STL Fashion Blogger Awards Recap and Big THANK YOU!

Dearest lovely readers, I cannot thank you enough for all of your support. Two weeks ago (belated, I know, but I'm a ridiculously busy gal, so shut up) was the Saint Louis Fashion Blogger Awards and STLFW Kickoff Party, or STLFBA for short. I had bothered any and all of my friends about voting for me in the People's Choice categories, and by golly, it paid off! Y'all are totally amazing, and I won the People's Choice honors in both categories that I was nominated in - Best Newcomer and Best Beauty Blog!!! I have to say that I'm very flattered and humbled, especially about the beauty blog nod. Y'all must really love yourselves some nail polish, because that's mostly what I post about, beauty-wise.

The event was held in the incredible new space downtown in Grand Center called the Public Media Commons. It is an plein-air space that is flanked by the Nine Network and St. Louis Public Radio. Also near to the space is the Sheldon Concert Hall, for reference. I wasn't certain exactly what it looked like, so when I arrived, I was surprised to see that it fits so well with the concrete-heavy aesthetic in Grand Center. Have you seen/been to the Contemporary Art Museum right around the corner, or the Pulitzer Gallery just north? Nope? Well, they're mostly concrete too! I personally love that. Let's call it concrete-city-chic!

Thanks, Sara's Social Booth!

When I arrived, I spent some time finding my friends and fellow bloggers to say hi and visit with before making my way to the amazing food spread! I unfortunately did not get the name of the caterer, but I was very happy to find a LOT of food. I often have to rush straight to STLFW events after work, which means I skip dinner. I filled up, sought out a glass of wine complimentary of Skinnygirl Cocktails and a sample of Redd's Apple Ale. I happened upon a STLFW volunteer carrying small glasses of the Ale who was standing next to a volunteer with samples of Pinnacle Vodka Cranapple. Because I only have two hands, and also am a crazy person, I gladly took both, and dumped the vodka into the ale.

I took in the sights as I waited for the official awards ceremony to begin. Grace Kubilius, an Artist-in-Residence at the Craft Alliance, presented her current collection in a still presentation. The tables scattered about the Commons had STLFW schedules for taking away, as well as VIP Edible Cocktails. Now, these little puppies were dangerous - they're alcohol-infused treats! They're a local company right in the Delmar Loop.

I spent some time hanging out with Angie of Honey and Denim and her husband, Greg, of Made Supply Co. Angie is a fellow blogger babe, while Greg handcrafts gorgeous leather pieces here in STL. Made Supply Co is a new venture, but is on its way to establishing a name for itself here. I found a great video about Greg and his company HERE. Adrian O. Walker was on hand to snap all of the best shots in his ever-mind-blowing style, and grabbed this shot of me with Angie and Greg.


The awards ceremony kicked off with a few speakers, and then moved on to the awards, announced by fellow bloggers Rachel Brandt of The Daily Wild and Christia DeShields of Moda Christia. Bloggers from the city were honored for their hard work by two different types of awards: People's Choice and Judge's Choice. As I mentioned before, I am so humbled to thank you all for voting for me enough to earn me the People's Choice awards for Best Newcomer and Best Beauty Blog. Your support is much appreciated and inspiring as well! You can view the list of all the winners and get to better know them HERE.


Our little awards were accompanied by a necklace. I think because I won two, I received both a necklace and a charm to attach to it. The super adorable pieces were crafted by August Abroad, another local hand-crafted business. ALIVE did a quick interview with its creator, Shelah McClymont, that you can read HERE.

My outfit for the night was quite dark. I don't even know how to categorize this look, so I won't even try, ha! I just wanted to wear a few pieces I had recently acquired, and managed to smash them all into one night. My dress is separate from the shoulder parts, which I don't think was obvious. That's pretty cool - I'd rather everything appear cohesive. The dress is from Goodwill, and the little wing-like items are my first designer purchase! Look, I know I'm a "fashion" blogger, but I can't afford designer pieces yet. I'd like to start a small collection, but even then they will have to be picked up at resale shops or at steeply discounted prices. These are called Crane Shoulders and are designed by Chromat. Do you recall my post about the supermodel Rain Dove? She walked in the SS15 Chromat show! My hat is from eBay, my tights are from Walgreens, my earrings were a gift from a friend, my clutch is a hand-me-down from Sarah of The Wicked Wallflower, and the boots are from JustFab. My lipstick is Rimmel London's Show Off Lip Lacquer in Big Bang. The two horizontal photographs below are also by Adrian.

Currently, STLFW in full swing, so stay tuned for more blog posts recapping the events soon! 
Thanks for reading!