Tune Tuesday: JE Sunde and also The Daredevil Christopher Wright.

Let's have a double-whammy Tune Tuesday, shall we? It's hard not to when two musical acts share one force. If you're looking for a smaller band with folksy leanings tempered by gorgeous vocals perfect for fall weather, search no further!

The name J.E. Sunde might not sound familiar to you yet, but the name The Daredevil Christopher Wright might ring a bell. J.E. Sunde and his brother Jason formed TDCW in 2004 in the hotbed of musical activity of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. With multiple albums released, and tours across the United States and Canada, TDCW has made a name for themselves. If you're a fan of folksy sounds, you'll probably dig TDCW. I feel like they could follow on the tail of Mumford & Sons if given air time.

One of the members of TDCW, J.E. Sunde, started crafting finished songs out of lost ideas from TDCW's unsolved tunes. I discovered this wonderful live video of his song Easy Kid while doing some music-related research for work. His voice immediately struck me. I admit that I am not very well-versed in folk music, but I feel like J.E. Sunde's solo and with TDCW work that I have found can qualify to be in that genre. I have never much delved into big names such as Bob Dylan, but that's mostly because his voice kind of annoys me. Blasphemy, I know!

What do you think? Would you cuddle up with a hot cocoa and a wool blanket and listen to these fellahs?