Mani Monday: L'Oreal's Hidden Gems

Sometimes you put that first layer of polish on your nails and you just start wiggling in delight. That happened last night when I applied my first swipe of L'Oreal's Hidden Gems. This dark, shimmering polish looks like you dipped your nails in a mermaid's tail. The color is a deep teal shimmer, with bigger silver sparkles. 

Application was smooth and satisfying. My brush has one random bristle poking out, so I had to be careful while using it. But I felt like the brush's shape made it really easy to handle. I had minimal clean-up to do afterwards. 

The above photos were taken in natural light (cloudy, with snow!) with no filter. The below photo was taken inside. Do you see how gnarly my cuticles are? My hands really suffer during the dry winter. So yesterday while at Walgreens, I picked up Sally Hansen's cuticle oil pen . Luckily, it was on sale! 

The cuticle oil pen is super handy. I love that I can pop it in my purse and take it with me. That way I can start keeping my cuticles moisturized all the time. As soon as I apply it, I can immediately see that they're less dry. This winter weather can certainly takes its toll. Speaking of winter weather, don't fret - my coat is vintage faux fur, not real. I found it at Avalon Exchange while on the Blogger Tour of St. Louis you already might have read about. However, I now understand why women wear real fur, if not just for the extravagance. My fake coat is SO WARM.