the clothesline presents: ALL SHOW & GO-GO

If you follow me on social media, you've probably noticed that my hair has changed! This week, I became a guinea pig for a fabulous new haircut that Stephanie at Nova Salon dreamt up. The hair is specifically for an event tonight called ALL SHOW & GO-GO, which is the November installation of the monthly clothesline STL. clothesline STL is "a monthly installation where artists intersect to transform a space for one night only." It is typically held at Blank Space on Cherokee, but this event is a little different! clothesline partnered with Nova to create a hair show, and also Parsimonia on Grand to provide vintage fashions for the models. Yep, I get to pretend to be a model tonight. Which means, let's talk about what Stephanie did to my hair!

My last hair cut had start to grow out. I hadn't yet decided what to do with it, so I was letting it get a bit wild. I don't think it looks terrible, but something needed to happen. I saw Julia, also of Nova Salon, post about needing someone willing to do a pretty funky cut. I responded, and wah-lah! I ended up with an amazing, symmetrical bob. That was last Thursday. This Tuesday, I went in for hair color. 

Hair dying excursions take you through multiple phases. Including hands-on as above, and a few minutes spent as Draco Malfoy.


I also temporarily looked like I was wearing a whip cream wig, and then I turned into a Troll Doll. After all was washed and done, I came out with an incredible denim-indigo-teal blend! It looks quite a bit different in varying lights. 


Tonight is the event! If you're free (even though I know there are about a bazillion other things happening tonight), you should stop by! Music, fun, and a pop-up shop from a local creator! 

Find more on the Facebook event page. I'm sure I'll post pictures of the event after the fact!