Black and White and Oversized

Let's talk about my short legs. No, really. Look at those suckers. I even had a customer at my retail job tell a coworker she was shopping for her daughter, who is "shaped like that girl (me), with really short legs." But you know what? In the equation of building a Jillian, my genetics got one thing right: my long torso. Just wait until next summer when I have abs from all this (sort of) gym time - crop tops!

This little outfit was what I changed into yesterday while on my lunch break at work. I was wearing boring old jeans and a plaid as I do about 30% of the time, so I changed into something a little more fun. I had to leave straight from work to my aunt and uncle's for a belated Christmas get-together. I just thrifted this sweater at The Resale Shop over the weekend. It's the perfect amount of oversized.  I definitely suggest you pop on over the The Resale Shop if you are a thrifter - they're having a Dollar Sale and I hit the jackpot. I've also had these boots for some time now and I don't wear them nearly enough. So here's to being more conscious of what's in my wardrobe, and what I'm adding to it!

I know I don't shut up about disco pants from American Apparel, but if you're interested in something similar without the zipper and buttons, these leggings are it! They're super soft and stretchy, and come in a few colors. And of those few colors, I have almost all of them. Ugh. Addicted. 

Outfit Details:   
Sweater: Thrifted (NCJW The Resale Shop)  ...    Leggings: Forever 21 (here)  ...    Tank Top: maurices (here)
Boots: maurices (old, similar)  ...   Necklace: maurices (old, similar)   ...   Socks: Top Shop (old, similar)