Tune Tuesday: Marina & the Diamonds' "Froot"

If you've never listened to Marina and the Diamonds, we can't be friends. Oh, oookay, I'll give you another chance. But you ought to educate yourself quickly! Marina is one of my absolute favorite female pop artists. I've been following her since her 2009 release of "I Am Not A Robot." I have to admit that I developed an instantaneous girl crush on her absolutely lovely face and goddess-like body. When I feel discouraged about life and worried about not being perfect, I play myself Hollywood from her debut album, and remind myself that "Hollywood infected [my] brain." I took her song How To Be A Heartbreaker as my personal anthem for a short while during a single period in my life. 

Currently, Marina is releasing tracks from her upcoming album, Froot, and dropping gorgeous, classy videos to accompany them. This includes the video for the title track, "Froot." I have no idea where or why I would ever wear an entire sequin gown like the gold one she dons for this piece, but my goodness, I have a mighty need! I love everything about how she is approaching this album's release: Fans were able to preoder the album as a box set of 7" vinyl records, and each vinyl was scented like a different type of fruit! I really would have liked to have added that to my little record collection, but I'm too broke right now, and it was only released in a limited edition that is now sold out. Boo. 

Check out the video for "Froot" below and let me know what you think!