Mani Monday: Holiday Edition

I totally missed posting my holiday manicure last week, but here it is for Mani Monday! I knew I wanted to try my hand at some more advanced nail art for my holiday look, but I just didn't want to do a super typical Christmas-oriented style. I was poking around on the Julep Maven YouTube Channel because I'm undecided about whether I will stay in the program (I just really need the money!), and I came across this video

I thought it would be perfect for a jazzy little holiday number, so I followed the instructions. The only problem is that I don't have a really skinny brush, so the one I used left ragged edges on the tip of the triangle facing towards my cuticle. The easiest solution was to slap a little crystal on there and wah-lah! 

Did you do a fun mani for the holidays? Are you doing anything special with your nails for NYE? I don't think I am this year. I'm so burnt out on the holiday season I just am going to move on to non-themed nails. 

Red - ORLY's Star Spangled
Black - ORLY's Liquid Vinyl
Gold - Julep's Margot