Dreaming of Marsala... Pantone Color of the Year!

Pantone Color of the Year Inspo

In the beauty and fashion world, the time of year where Pantone releases its Color of the Year is an exciting time! Spring 2015's color scheme is called En Plein Air, and honors nature's beauty with softer color palette choices. One of the colors in this collection is Marsala, and it is the official 2015 Color of the Year! I'm definitely down with this color, as it works so wonderfully in the beauty world, and adds just that hint of class to fashion. 

When it comes to beauty choices, I definitely gravitate towards deeper tones in the colder months. I like a good dark rosy blush to accompany my holiday red lips and minimalist eyes. A wine cheek or lip color also punches up classic cateye makeup. Don't forget your fancy fingertips! The above Julep nail polish arrived in my December box, and I am in LOVE. 

If you're a fashion addict, try adding marsala to your closet. It's clean, crisp, and classy. Reminiscent of old Hollywood, it brings to mind red carpets, 50s makeup, and gorgeous gowns reflected in crystal glasses containing cabernet. Even if you tend to prefer all-black looks, try something that brings in a pop of color - heels the color of almost-ripe mulberries or opaque tights in a warm, deep cherry. 

Aside from red plaids, I'm not entirely sure I have much marsala in my closet. I do have a beautiful vintage red leather clutch that qualifies, so it might be making more public appearances! For the time being, I'm going to focus on utilizing marsala tones in my makeup. Although I shouldn't be spending any money on anything but rent and utilities, I have certainly been eyeballing the new palette from Lime Crime, with its stunning grunge-inspired shadows. If that's not a perfect example of marsala tones, I don't know what is!

How will you be bringing the Color of the Year into your life?