Weekday Workflow: Friday

Sometimes you roll out of bed and throw on the nearest things to you. Not every day do I have the wherewithal to plan an outfit ahead of time, and today was a lazy day. This means I ended up with two tank tops on top of one another, ripped jeans, and leopard print flats. This long duster sweater is actually a size too small and acts more like a cape than anything. It's still super cozy, though! And I'm not going to really argue with having a cape. These jeans are actually a favorite pair in my closet. Although they're cut very low and I swear only have a 1" zipper on them, I love the way my legs look in them. maurices' denim designer definitely nailed the sand-blasted patterning on these babies. The "slim boot" design on these is just the right amount of mini-flare for me as well. I think it helps balance out the roundness I carry in my athletic thighs.

Today was also one of those days that I put the most minimal makeup on because I knew I was going to have to load it on later for our work holiday party. This means I end up looking like I have no makeup on. Is that how the no-makeup-makeup-looks work?!

What do your mega-lazy-day outfits look like?
(... I'm not talking sweat pants. I don't even own those.)

Outfit Details:   Sweater: Thrifted   ...    Tank Tops: maurices
Jeans: maurices   ...   Shoes: maurices   ...   Scarf: maurices   ...   Rings: Various