Mani Monday: Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

Do you remember when the "greige" tones were all the rage in nail polish? This was quite a few years ago, and I specifically remember sitting on my old laptop, staring at the Sephora website, where I happened across a post they made about how this color was for the chicest of city-dwellers, because it was the posh shade of concrete. I scoffed at it.

I'll let you in on a secret:

I'm a hipster at heart. When you tell me I'm supposed to like something, or it's trending, I react in the way you do when your shower water is too hot. I seize up, shriek, and jump away. I'm learning to control this reaction, but it's a slow process. As much as I wanted to hate those grey-beige colors, I ended up, of course, becoming addicted. I have at least four in my collection, and 

Sally Hansen's Earl Gray

 is one of them! AH! I just noticed on their website that the color to the right of Early Gray is actually called "Greige." 

As you've probably come to realize, I have a difficult time doing just one plain color on my nails. In order to add just a little punch to this mani, I swiped two quick coats of 


 I Lilac Glitter! You might recognize the sparkle from my 

Moody Blues Mani

. It has both round sparkles and strip sparkles, so it's not flat and boring. 

As for application on these two, I Lilac Glitter! is pretty normal. Nothing to really complain about there. Early Gray, as with any color in the Complete Salon Manicure line, has a rounded, full brush, which makes application easy for me personally. It takes just a couple quick swipes on the nail to achieve coverage. However, the few colors I have from this line tend to be on the thicker side, so don't apply with a heavy hand!

PS - Wow, that first photograph makes me look like I have old lady hands. Yikes.

Also PS - if you get the post title's reference, you rock.


Gray: Sally Hansen's

Earl Gray



I Lilac Glitter!

Base & Top Coat:

Seche Vite