Tune Tuesday: Active Child

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I'm a sucker for music that takes electronic elements and bends them in a way that is just a little bit new. Do you remember my 

Tune Tuesday post on Chet Faker?

 He uses electronic influences in his work, but yet his smooth voice has subtle brittleness to it that sets his music apart. I am also a sucker for music that imparts a "I'm broken, and need of your love to fix me" feeling. This is one of the reasons I fell so hard for 

Active Child

From the video for "Johnny Belinda"

Active Child is the stage and performing name of Pat Grossi, a singer-songwriter who grew up singing in a children's choir. His voice, a near falsetto, or perhaps castrato, in many instances is layered over harp, which he plays live at his shows. If incorporating live harp into his performances alone doesn't set him apart, I don't know what else would. In 2012,

Ellie Goulding


a cover of Active Child's "Hanging On,"

which was included on her second album


, and brought Grossi's music more fans. In 2014,

a version of Goulding's cove

r was also featured in the book-turned-movie



From the video for "Playing House"

I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live in May of 2012 at 

The Firebird

. It was an experience, just like I had hoped it would be. Grossi's voice, the dark grunge of that venue, and the perfectly designed little light show that accompanied it. I understand that not everyone will like Grossi's voice, but I think it's for all of us who have a little something broken hiding inside. That little secret pain that takes a choirboy and a harp to soothe. His lyrics feel oh so right for certain instances in my life, as well: 

"Took three more years to fall apart/And another ten years to mend our hearts"

for healing after a heartbreak,

"Maybe we're just playing house/Just cause it feels good"

for dealing with a lackluster situation in love, and

"Wish that I could change enough/To be yours,"

for those times when you know if you were just a little different, something might have worked out. But you should never change yourself in order to make something work.

Let me know what you think! Is Grossi's voice too weird for you, or are you intrigued?