Midweek Mani: Wet n Wild's Metallica

Hey everyone, Meade here! This week's mani is a new favorite of mine! I've always love metallic shades, especially silvers, and this new version of the classic metallic silver polish comes from Wet n Wild's Wildshine collection, appropriately named "Metallica". Now, usually I don't rave about a specific polish, but this one really covers all its bases!

Color Appeal: This is a completely classic shade of metallic silver. It's bright and pretty! I wouldn't even call it ostentatious - it just gives me a sense of clean lines and industrial undertones. Mainly I picked this polish because it kind of makes me think winter thoughts, like the sparkle of snowflakes. I know it's only early November, but in Houston we take all the cold weather feels we can get!  9/10.

Application: Although I would have preferred a wide brush, and the bottle is a bit awkward shaped, the actual formula goes on really nicely. You could even get away with just one coat if you wanted -- it's that opaque.  8/10.

Durability: Right now it's day 3, and not a chip in sight. Of course, I used my standard of two top coats (one coat OPI and one coat seche vite), so that is largely the reason for good durability. However, I think this polish holds its own pretty well. I've had polishes that chip even with my two top coats, and this one is still going strong.  8/10.

Affordability/Availability: SO AFFORDABLE! Seriously Wet n Wild is known for its affordability. Less than $2 on drugstore.com! Wet n Wild is also one of the most available lines out there. This is a rare instance of 10/10.

I also have the gold version of this polish, called "Ready to Propose" that I'm thinking of trying out next week, so stay tuned!

Thanks, Meade! She does a great job of covering all the topics when it comes to polish, especially affordable ones! Have you ever wanted to join in on the fun? I'm always looking for new writers and submissions. Click the contact button up top to get in touch with ideas!