Makeup Monday: Favorite Matte BB Cream

Happy Monday, loves! Today I'm trying something a little new - Makeup Monday instead of Mani Monday! I've been wanting to add more beauty product reviews to the blog for a while now. I'm pretty darn addicted to trying new things, so it's time I hunker down and start sharing my favorites with you! My inaugural Makeup Monday post features a staple in my beauty routine. 

I tend not to be very good at wearing sunscreen on my face because I've had experiences in the past where SPF moisturizer irritated my skin. I instead opt for bases that include SPF, and although it might not be the strongest and protecting my face, at least it's something. I started using the Rimmel BB Cream Matte over the summer for this reason, and I fell in love with it. I chose the matte version because my face tends to be oily during warmer months. Although my face will end up shiny at the end of the day no matter what, this BB Cream does a great job of keep it looking fresh. I wore this under my usual powder during a long day of shopping in July heat, and my mom's friend later complimented me on how nice my skin still appeared. 

I apply the BB Cream with an Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques, and I find that it gives my face a much more even coverage than using my fingers. I pat powder on top and go from there, touching up with powder throughout the day. In the above right photo, I just blended it into my wrist with my fingertips. You can just barely see the difference in color, and you can also tell that it has helped even out the texture of my skin, which is exactly what I want.

My only major complaint is that the cream itself is actually more of a liquid texture. If you're not careful you'll end up dispensing way more than you intended due to its watery nature. I've noticed that if I shake the bottle vigorously before each use it helps a bit. As for its other claims, like helping prevent blemishes, I don't have any strong feelings. The product didn't make me breakout, and that's a plus. I'm not sure if it helped actually prevent blemishes as mine present in a hormonal clockwork manner for the most part, and almost nothing keeps them from happening.

Do you use BB Creams? If so, let me know which is your favorite!