Wish List Lusts: Langhorne Slim x Stetson

You might be aware that I've developed an addiction to hats over the last year. Why I never wore them before is a big mystery. They add such oomph to a look! I love more traditional hats, and have accumulated a number of Western wool toppers. Did you know that Saint Louis is home to the Levine Hat Company, which is over 100 years old? I definitely need to pop into their shop sometime soon! They are a retailer of Stetson as well, which is another well-known crafter of wool hats. 

Now celebrating its 150 anniversary, Stetson has an incredibly rich and colorful history in the world of hats. It is famously known for once crafting "the world's most expensive hat," which even went on a world tour. From time to time, they'll do collaboration projects, and they just released a piece designed with the one and only Langhorne Slim.  This music-making handsome fellah recently was in Saint Louis while on tour. I wasn't able to make it, but would one day love to jump around in the crowd to "The Way We Move."

After leaving a beloved hat behind while on tour on day, Langhorne Slim started thinking about eventually designing his own. He wanted to create a hat that brought together all his favorite pieces of other styles, and met up with Stetson just to chat about the idea. They decided to go with it, and their collaboration was born! The hats are being released in a limited edition of 300, and arrive with an autographed postcard. 

I've been staring at the photographs and drooling over this piece of wool art. Because I mostly sport Western hats, I've been trying to find another hat style to work into a signature look. The price tag is a little high for my taste, but also relatively low on the cost scale of usual Stetson pieces. With the holidays here, I can say that I might hoard any money I receive as a gift to purchase myself this bad boy...

Are you a geek like me? Would you buy a clothing item designed by a musician? Have you already?!