Midweek Mani: Sally Hansen's "Wetsuit"

Hi beautiful people! It's midweek mani time again and this week's color is a tribute that shiny color of a dolphin's skin - Sally Hansen Triple Shine "Wet Suit." I can't possibly rave enough about this line of polishes. It really pulls all the punches, and the colors are so clean! My favorite part about this line is that there are such unique shades. This one is a really lovely blue-gray.

Color Appeal: This is a gorgeous color, even if it seems drab it actually has gorgeous blue undertones. I think it looks flawless. Basically I love it! Especially in the bright sunlight, it takes one that notorious shine of dolphin skin. I do generally like brighter colors better, but this blue/gray is just so professional while still being interesting! 10/10.

Application: This line of colors has what I might even consider flawless application. It comes with a thick brush, has a thin veneer style application but is relatively opaque. You will need a top coat for sure, but as far as the formula, I think this is one of the best you can get for less than $5. And this time I used a nifty trick where I used scotch tape to cover the bottom of my cuticles (just for the two color coats, not for the base or top coats) and even with this dark of a color I was able to pull of clean-lined cuticles. It worked like a charm! 10/10.

Durability: I'm consistently amazed by the durability of this line of polishes. In fact, I am so impressed by it that I have buckled down and ordered several other colors from this line to try out, and I am genuinely stoked about it. I applied this color on Sunday near the evening so it's only been a few days but it's not chipped at all, and this line of polishes has a solid history of lasting for least five days without chips. 9/10.

Affordability/Availability: I think Sally Hansen's polishes are generally available at most drugstores. These polishes aren't as cheap as it possibly gets, but they are definitely within the budget of this poor graduate student! Most of the colors in this line are available on drugstore.com for less than $5, although the bottle is smaller than the standard 15mL so I suppose the price is comparable to OPI. 9/10.

Like I said, I purchased several more colors from this line so you will be seeing more of it in the future! 

Do you have a favorite drugstore polish line? Let us know in the comments :)