Makeup Monday: Revlon HD Matte Lippies

Oh gosh, here we go. I succumbed to a new lip product! You shouldn't be surprised, especially when the packaging is so pretty. Look at this gorgeous, slim bullet. The transparent, frosted plastic part feels nice in the hand, and overall just comes across as way more expensive (a tube costs about $8-$9) than it is. It looks like something you'd find in a high-end cosmetics store. When I saw them all lined up in their display at Walgreens, I had no self control at all.

Product scents don't bother me, so the candy sour straw-like smell is fine with me. The brush has the popular, tapered hourglass shape that makes it easy to apply the product from both sides. Why this wasn't a thing before recently is beyond me - it means you have to dip the bush fewer times! 

Yesterday was actually my birthday! I had an amazing day full of friends and fun, and it started out with brunch at Lilly's Music & Social House. The food was so amazing, the drinks were on point, and their staff treats me like family and I love them dearly. After eating till I was stuffed, I popped on the lighter, orange red that I picked up from this Revlon line. It's called HD Love, and it was super easy to apply. I applied one coat carefully, and then a quick second coat. The product stayed mildly shiny for several minutes, but by the time we arrived at the mall to do some shopping, the color was matte and I realized that I couldn't feel the lipstick on my lips at all. That's a major plus for me, as I hate being fully aware that I'm wearing something extra. When I got home, I checked my lips in the mirror and they still looked almost perfect, approximately 6 hours later. I'd tried on clothes, talked a bunch, AND had a frappucino. I snapped the selfie in my terrible bathroom light just to show you (to the best of my ability) how it looked after 6 hours. 

I've seen some reviews saying that they never fully dry on some lips, and transfer rate is pretty high. I didn't have either of those problems. I do agree with a general consensus that they never appear to completely dry to a true matte, but I'm not that mad about it. I have other m

I think a good part of the staying power with these HD lipsticks is due to their staining qualities. I'm going to give my other color, HD Passion, a go this week, so I'm hoping it will live up to my success with HD Love. 

Have you ever bought something on a whim because of the packaging? Was it a win or loss?