Merry Christmas From The SOSM Family!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from my family to yours! Today I totally slept through my alarm twice, and managed to snap the above photo of my darling pitbull mix, Cher, before I ran out the door to head over to my parents' house. I made my family breakfast as part of my gifts to them. I stopped by my local Whole Foods to pick up the supplies last night. I was bent on making the super tasty maple chicken sausage they offer - I tried it while on a small blogger tour I attended recently. You'll hear more about that in an upcoming post, actually!

My parents love to make a breakfast scramble when all of us are over. My younger sister, Kelly, lives in Louisiana now, so having her home is a big deal! She doesn't eat meat, so the breakfast scramble was made with: golden potatoes sauteed with yellow onions and red bell peppers, covered in scrambled eggs, and topped with fresh avocado. We meat eaters enjoyed the amazing sausage, and my father and I both started the day with homemade Bloody Marys. 

After unwrapping gifts, catching up, and busting into all of the chocolate, my sister settled down for a nap. She has a really nasty cold, so I'll be drowning myself in water and Vitamin C all weekend in hopes of not catching what she has, the poor thing! Dad headed out to meet up with his brother's family, mom and I spent some time chatting and coloring in holiday coloring books, and now we're all snuggled up in the living room. Sometimes simple, relaxing holidays are the best.

Well, relaxing until 10pm when I get the party going at Handlebar! If you're looking for something to do in STL besides hang with your family, meet up with some friends in the Grove. I'll be DJing from 10pm-3am with no cover, and hopefully lots of people needing to shake off that egg nog! 

How are your holidays going? Did you have a super busy day today, or a chill one like mine?