Tune Tuesday: Shura

The music that tends to mean the most to me more often than not hits hard on an emotional level. I suppose that's how it's supposed to work, right? At any rate, I stumbled across Shura a while ago, and she has been on repeat in my library. Hailing from the UK, Shura is burning her name into the music scene. I can't wait for her album to drop later this year. 

The song that really struck me is the single "Touch." The sentiment in the lyrics reflect distanced past lovers that have met again, but both know that the time for them has passed. I know I'm not the only one to have encountered this feeling, but I am a supremely emotional creature. I have loved and lost just like most, but there are definite soft spots that have bandaid after bandaid piled ontop, but still somehow seem to leak nostalgia. 

I also know I'm not the only one that seeks out music sometimes because it makes you feel these uncomfortable things. Shura happens to be one of those artists. Her soft vocals, lyric delivery, and electro-pop are just up my alley when I'm feeling sad, overwhelmed, or just simply exhausted.

She just released a new video for her latest single, "Indecision," and because I hadn't had my coffee yet this morning when I found it before work, I had to watch it twice to figure out what happened at the end! But I definitely need to find a party like that and get down. I know I don't get out and about to *all* of the parties in STL, but where can I find a fun rooftop disco jam with lights and everyone simply enjoying themselves? Let me know if you have the hookup. 

Jill FirnsComment