Wednesday Weekend Recap

Good afternoon, lovelies! This past weekend was a total whirlwind, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I prefer to stay super busy. It keeps my mind from wandering too much, worrying too much, and generally freaking out. I'm an over-thinker, and I'm trying to work on that, especially by making sure my mind is occupied with exciting activities. I was going a mile a minute from Friday until Saturday evening, and I'd love to share all my happy-crazy with you!

On Friday evening I DJed at the big YogaBuzz Fundraising Ball on the top floor of the Chase Park Plaza hotel. YogaBuzz, if you don't know about it, is a really cool local organization that focuses on bringing yoga to those who may not otherwise experience it. On Friday, the big event hosted over 200 yogis in the Starlight Room, and through the entrance cost and silent auctions, helped raise money to boost YogaBuzz's scholarship program. Elle, founder and leader of YogaBuzz, invited me to DJ before, during, and after the night's big yoga class. What a fun opportunity, and a challenging one, too. I mostly like to focus on dance-oriented sets, so being able to set the appropriate mood for a yoga class was really fun. Because it was not your average super quiet, inward-soul-seeking class, I even mixed a little "Single Ladies" in there 'cos why the heck not? I think the yogis got just the right amount of kick out of it. I made some really great connections after the class, played all my favorite music, and even had a few yogis excitedly ask me to write down some musicians for them that they heard during the class. To me, that means I'm doing something right. DJing is about the MUSIC, and exposing yourself and your peers to new sounds. 

On Saturday morning I set up shop with my mom at the Affton White-Rodgers Community Center during their flea market. I had so many clothes to get rid of, and actually made a good little pile of cash. Of course, I can't be at a flea market and not shop, so I browsed a couple buckets of records that the two fellahs across the aisle dragged in with them. I hit a small jackpot with a few near mint-condition vinyl babies, and I cannot wait to give them a spin on my record player.

Cher!!! If you weren't aware that my dog is named Cher, you should know that. I sing "Believe" to her more often than I should admit. And Sheena Easton! More delicious girl-powered pop music for the win. And as I've become a semi-regular at the Saint Louis installment of Motown on Mondays, I spied Diana Ross' album The Boss, and knew I needed it. And c'mon, who wouldn't want the soundtrack to Flashdance in their record arsenal?

After a few hours at the flea market, I popped into the Galleria mall for a really neat little gig at SEE Eyewear. They hired me to DJ while they celebrated their spring trunk show and showed off their newest eyewear releases. I had never actually been into SEE before Saturday, but the staff is so freaking nice, and their styles are all super on point. For fun, I spent a good part of the afternoon DJing in this pair that clearly was meant to be matched with my hair:


On Sunday, I met up with one of my high school besties, Emily, to grab brunch at Rooster on South Grand. Although it was busy, we snagged two spots right at the bar. A fellow sitting next to us named Cornelius told me that my whole look H2T (head 2 toe) was "on fleek." That makes me finally cool, right?! All I had to do was wear all the stuff I love the most, and end up being "on fleek." I'll take it! Do you spy those super rad sunglasses?! I picked them up on Saturday while at SEE. They're my first legit designer acquisition! SEE just released its collaboration with Mondo Guerra of Project Runway fame, and I knew I needed these massively oversized sunnies.


Mr. Cornelius also voted Emily to be on fleek, as she paired her "comfy-casual outfit" with the perfect "pops." He declared that her selection of a brightly colored jacket and a trusty leopard-print accessory kept her from being too basic. I'd agree!

After brunch, Emily accompanied me to the open house of my grandmother's old home at 4718 McPherson Avenue. It is a stunning building full of character, and was built in 1904. Much of the interior is still original, but with updates, like added bathrooms. When my mom and her sisters were growing up in this house, and while grandma took care of me there when I was a runt, there was only ONE bathroom for three stories and (at the time) three bedrooms. It is so gorgeous inside, and I really do wish I had $619,000 to scoop it back up. I hope that the next family to move in loves it as much as I still do. If you're interested, or know someone who might be, you can find the listing here. Also, Saint Louis is so small that the listing agent, Ted, is in one of my classes at our gym. 

After browsing the house, I joined my parents and my mom's sister and husband at Llywelyn's Pub just up the street for a good ol' pint. I also had their fried pickles, which made the perfect snack. You know, I'm finally starting to feel like an adult around my family. Is that weird to say? Not that my aunt and her husband have ever treated me like a child, but I'm starting to feel more like I'm closer to being a peer than a child. It's nice to talk about jobs and traveling and such and it not revolve around school, or graduation, or what I'm going to "do when I grow up!" 

Did y'all have a good weekend too? I hope it was just the way you wanted it to be!

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Thrifted   |   Shirt/bracelet: maurices   |   Jeggings: H&M   |   Sunglasses: SEE Eyewear
Necklace: Thrifted   |   Booties: Forever21   |   Bag: Thrifted   |   Emjoi Plush: c/o Throwboy