Love Local: BoutiqueNav's Shopping App

Sometimes it can be hard to find somewhere new to shop at. We fall into patterns, and fall in and out of love with certain stores and companies. Are you in Saint Louis and ready to discover your next favorite local shop? Look no further! BoutiqueNav just launched and is waiting for you to take advantage of its free iPhone and Android app. I just downloaded it and have been playing around and learning more about the shops that are closest to me. 

The app is super easy to navigate as it looks just like your typical map app. I've learned that the little shopping bags have two versions: The ones with the stars inside represent shops that have full, complete listings with BoutiqueNav with shop hours and details. The ones with just shopping bags are basic listings with the shop name, address, and phone number. Hopefully soon more of the shops will have complete listings because that makes it super convenient to check which stores are open when you need them to be! 

I already knew this, but was pleasantly reminded that SKIF International is the closest local boutique/shop to my apartment. I have yet to visit SKIF's showroom, but it's on my list of things to do this summer. I can't go about spending heckah moolah at the moment as I have a few things I'm saving for (like NYFW!), but with the help of BoutiqueNav, I know I can start better acquainting myself with all of the local shops that need my love! 

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