Mani Monday: Mint Chocolate Chip

Happy Memorial Day, my loves! I hope everyone has had a great weekend! We've had some pretty great weather for all types of holiday activities. I've had a busy few days, and it felt like they went from 0-100 really quickly because I was sick most of last week. I'm all healthy now, but whew! Everyone seems to be sick at the moment and it's not fun at all. 

While I was stuck on the couch, I knew I had to paint my nails something fun and cheery to help me feel better. I received a bottle of Julep's Dianna in one of my goodie bags at the Go Blog Social Conference back in April, and I had yet to use it. Who doesn't love a good creamy mint? Because I like to punch my nail looks up a notch, I grabbed one of my Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coats.

I wasn't thinking that I would end up with ice cream nails, but I did! They're fun and funky, and have gotten a number of compliments. Also, they clearly match some of my clothing. I apparently like teal/mint/aqua/turquoise altogether too much! Before my weekend picked up speed, I took myself to Starbucks for breakfast on Saturday. It really is so nice to have both Saturday and Sunday off these days. Frappucinos forever!

I hope you're enjoying your Memorial Day and reflecting on why we celebrate/observe it. In a short while I'm off to Jefferson Barracks with my mother to visit the grounds and the Civil War museum! 

Polishes Used: 
Mint Green: Julep's Dianna
Textured Top Coat: Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat in Tweedy
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite

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