I SPY: Pop Culture Plush Characters

I've been thinking about adding in more quickie posts here and there to introduce y'all to things I find pretty rad. Why not share with you some of my other interests? I'll give this little series of intermittent updates the name "I Spy" since the content will be cool stuff I spy across the web.

Today I spied this article about an artist that makes plush dolls of pop culture superstars in music, art, and beyond. The artist, Josmar Madureira, uses the moniker "Katkiller," and sells his creations in an online shop. Unfortunately, this São Paulo-based artist runs his website in Portuguese. I remember enough Spanish to pick out similar words here and there, but I can't understand enough of it to go about handing my entire paycheck over to him like I want to.

Did you recognize all of the people plushes above? They are Ziggy Stardust, Freddie Mercury, Siouxsie Sioux, and Frida Kahlo! Check out more of my favorites below.

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