Mani Monday: Summer Neon with ORLY

Happy Monday, loves! How are you faring today? I had a weekend that took after the recently released movie Trainwreck, in all the best ways. Amy Schumer is my new spirit animal. That's all I can say on that topic without falling into reminiscing hysterics and not being able to write this post. 

Last week you saw some moody summer blues on my fingertips. I'm not feeling so moody now, which means it's time for an about-face and to brighten up! What perks you up better than neon? This ORLY lemon-lime color, called "Glowstick," is a long-time favorite of mine. You can apply it by itself, but this sucker takes up to four coats to be perfectly opaque. This time, I opted to paint Glowstick over a white base, and I think I only needed to use two coats. I didn't notice any difference in the final look with it over white versus on its own. In sunlight, Glowstick is almost electric banana, but in low light, it practically glows. It's hard to catch a super accurate representation because the color shifts between yellow and green. Fellow polish blogger Pam from ClawsinColor more effectively captured its green side here

Would you wear such a punchy color? Or is Glowstick just a little too much? 

Polishes Used: 
White Base: Essie's Blanc
Neon Yellow: ORLY's Glowstick
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite