Mani Monday: Sally Hansen Pearl Crush

Sometimes you pass over something at the store a few times, and then finally decide to buy it because you just can't stop thinking about it. That happened to me with the new Sally Hansen Pearl Crush line. Of course, Walgreens puts the display right at the front when you walk in. I frequent Walgreens a lot because there are two right by my apartment, and I always need something (drain declogger, new lightbulbs, peanut butter...), so I kept seeing this display! I finally decided to pick up one, and the color Silver Scallop caught my eye. 

Unfortunately, I had a hard time with this polish. The flakes are quite large and difficult to evenly distribute across your nails, and feel chunky even through a top coat. I really like the color of the shimmer, though, so I may just use it as a top coat on another color some time, and just avoid getting the flakes on my nails. In the end, I think the outcome is pretty, and looks really cute in natural light: 

Do you spot my furry photobomb in my stoplight snap above? I took my pup Cher over to my parents' backyard to give her some time to run around NOT on a leash for once. She loves car rides, so I thought it was adorable to see her head sticking out the back window. 

Do you have any of the Pearl Crush colors? What do you think of the formula? 

Polishes Used: 
Flaky Shimmer: Sally Hansen Pearl Crush in Silver Scallop
Top and Base Coats: Seche Vite