Fancy Nail Friday: Floral Fantasy

We have another Mani master on the team now! Everyone, I am pleased to introduce Tucker to you! Tucker is one half of Westminster Press, which you may remember reading about in this post. Tucker is often sported wearing some pretty and painted digits, so I knew I wanted to invite him to the SOSM team! His debut post is perfect for summer nails. Read more below!

This summer I like my nails loud, colorful, and patterned! Every time I paint my nails I start with Nail Magic Hardener & Conditioner. Honestly I have no idea if it works or not, but my nails are weak and tend to break and split.  Putting it on before I get started helps me feel a lot better about putting all these chemicals on my nails. I used China Glaze's 873 "Flip Flop Fantasy" for the base of this design.  It's been in my bucket of polishes for a little while now, but for some reason I haven't really gotten around to using it. Now that the weather's gotten nice though, this tropical color has been calling my name! China Glaze has been hit or miss in terms of application for me, sometimes I need to put on four coats of polish and sometime's one will do, but for $5.99 I'm not going to complain. This color was fully opaque after two layers and applied fairly smoothly. 

My pattern inspiration came from some Pinterest searching for fun summer nail ideas.  I stumbled across this little how to gif and had to try it out! Click HERE to view the tutorial.  

For the details on these nails, I used my super handy ASP Nail Art 4 Pack Brush Set that I picked up at Sally Beauty, one of my go to nail art tools.  And the polishes I used for this pattern are nothing fancy. I'm a die-hard fan of the SinfulColors brand polishes. They're only $1.99 at any Walgreens and have enough pigment to stand up to any of your nail art desires. Being fairly new to nail art, I'm thankful that these cheap polishes have allowed me to expand my polish collection fairly rapidly, and that I don't have to go drop eight dollars every time I need a new color.  

Post Submitted By Tucker Pierce