Mani Monday: Feeling Flakey During Winter

Even though the weather has been bonkers nice lately (that 60 degree Saturday this weekend was so lovely!), I've still been into all things winter! You know how I'm not the best at or biggest fan of nail art, right? Do you remember my sad excuses for snowflakes from last winter? Freehand nail art is not my strong suit at all. So, for our next big snow, I want to be able to easily slap a mani together and not worry about wonky snowflakes. I've been poking around for my favorite flakey polishes and wintry colors. 

The above two are ones that immediately caught my eye. On the left, you'll find a hand-crafted, small batch nail polish from Noodles Nail Polish on Etsy. It's a true flake polish, with a clear base. Wear it over your favorite colors (especially blues) to really make a nod to our colder months. The polish on the right is called "Flake Out," and you can find at your local Walgreens. I have yet to pick one up, but I keep thinking about it! You all know I do love me some Sinful Colors polishes. 

Another pretty polish from a boutique brand is "Once Upon a Midnight Winter" from Etsy seller MDJ Creations. I love the variance of sparkle shapes and sizes in this one polish! I also have a soft spot for dark blue jelly polishes as I used to wear them very often when I was younger. I felt like they are just dark enough to be edgy, but still come across as classy. 

My only con that I have found with polishes like these are that the flakes can be hard to remove, so be sure to set aside a little extra time for a color change! 

Would you wear snowflakes on your fingertips?