Tune Tuesday: Skizzy Mars' "I'm Ready"

Skizzy Mars definitely falls under my list of "Artists to Watch" along with my beloved Kali Uchis from Tune Tuesday two weeks ago. This youngster (he's only 22!) of a rapper has already dropped two mixtapes and an EP. I remember discovering his song "Numb" a few years ago, and I was immediately drawn to the indie-dance beat mashed up with rap vocals. I like rap music, but I'm not entirely well-versed in its history or culture, so when I come across a rapper I like, I try to follow them as much as possible. He's releasing his first studio album, Alone Together, in just under a month. I'm stoked to hear more!

I stumbled across Skizzy Mars' newest release "I'm Ready" just the other day. I love its almost tropical house vibe, and its inclusion of Olivver the Kid, who is The Neighbourhood's former drummer. The altered vocal clips under Olivver the Kid's lyrics even remind me of Daft Punk. 

Check out "I'm Ready" and let me know what you think!