Sexy Short Hair Helper: UNITE Second Day

I don't have many secrets, especially when it comes to my favorite products! I like to share all the love with my friends so that they might find something new to try out. Since my short hair has grown out long enough to actually style it more regularly, I knew I needed a new product to keep it in line. I've used a sort of hair paste in the past from Walgreens, but my stylist Stephanie at Nova Salon often fixes me up really well at the end of my appointments with this little pot of perfection. I love the bed-head sexy look, but I feel like that's hard to achieve with short hair sometimes. After introducing UNITE's Second Day to my arsenal, though, I've finally been living that dream! 

Second Day is a product you apply onto dry hair, and it really does what its name suggests - it provides that lived-in look you get on the day after your salon appointment. The two below photos (left photo courtesy of Suzy Gorman) were taken almost directly after a fresh shampoo, blow dry, and Second Day application. You can also see how my hair's gone from fiery to golden lately in the past several weeks! 

How I use Second Day: 
After blow-drying my hair, I scoop out about a dime-sized amount of Second Day into my hands. The product is an opaque white at first, but if you rub it between your palms, it warms into a clear material, so you don't have to worry about an ashy cast on your locks. I then basically just rub that stuff all over my head in no particular pattern, and then poke pieces into places. I tend to twist the front sections around a bit, to help give a more feminine fringe. I also focus on the side pieces as I like drawing them in towards my face for a good framing effect. 

What I really love about Second Day is that after it's had some time to set, I don't feel like there's much residue left in my hair! I like to have touchable hair. It also has a nice bit of "hold" to it. The selfie on the right was taken last night at about 9:30pm. This morning, besides making sure I had no patches flying in strange directions, I didn't even touch my head. Having a pixie cut is great for non-morning people like me! 

If you have short hair, what do you use to style it?