On Letting My Inner Nerd Flag Fly Free

                                                        Dress   |   Rocket clutch   |   Ring   |   Earrings   |   CHoker   |   Scarf   |   Sandals

                                                       Dress  |  Rocket clutch  |  Ring  |  Earrings  |  CHoker  |  Scarf  |  Sandals

To be perfectly honest, I've never tried too hard to hide my nerdiness or pretend to be something I'm not. I'm often a sort of chameleon in clothing choices and style-orientation, and I prefer to be that way because I feel like my tastes are constantly evolving. Something I had never really considered adding into my wardrobe was actual proof of my nerdiness, outside of the one or two T-shirts I own that advertise a TV show or band. 

I'm all about oversized everything right now, and that's something I've spied is a common trend in a lot of the blouses, vests, and jackets that agent Dana Scully wears in the television show The X-Files. I've seen a number of episodes before, but now I'm taking the Netflix journey of watching the show from the beginning. I just finished season one last night! An loose tunic dress feels about right for me as it's a little boy-chic, and I love that. I'm ready for spring, so sandals are a must, but I generally detest flat anything. The chunky heels and studded details make these more appealing to me. I love scarves, but they can cover up your jewelry sometimes. A velvet choker is another perfect throwback nod.

One of the reasons I love The X-Files is that you have Fox Mulder, a hard core believer, matched up with a skeptic who tries her damnedest to keep a level head throughout all of his shenanigans. I thought pairing the rocket clutch (realism) with the Vulcan salute earrings was a fun way to represent their dynamic, and also show off the fact that I've become a pretty big Trekkie.

I can't be the only one that words their guilty pleasures into their personal style! Let me know if you do, too!