Mani Monday: Essie's "For the Twill Of It"

Happy Monday! Today's featured polish is a super gorgeous duochrome. Y'all know I love Essie, and I've been looking for a color like this for a while. I love a good duochrome for its eye-catching qualities, and "For The Twill Of It" doesn't disappoint. The only funny thing? Essie describes this as "rich maple" and "medium brown." Now, my eye doc just told me on Friday I might be mildly color blind, but c'mon... I see no brown in this polish!

The polish applies beautifully, and I only needed to slap on two coats for full opacity. I painted these at night, so my lighting wasn't ideal. This lead me to have pretty messy cuticles, but the edges cleaned up really nicely with an eyebrow brush I had laying around in my nail polish pile.  I know, I sound so professional. 

The color shift on "For The Twill Of It" is really strong, and goes from dusty purple to deep sea green in a flash. In indoor lighting, it tends to appear more green, but looks more purple outside. It's almost like having two polishes in one! I also love its cute name. I am not clever or "punny" enough to come up with titles like these, so I want to be friends with the polish namers!

I picked this bottle up fairly recently at Walgreens, so if you fell in love with it, you can probably find it pretty readily. Are you a fan of duochromes as well?

Polishes Used: 
Dusty Purple-Green: Essie "For The Twill Of It"
Base and Top Coats: Seche Vite